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Seba Taxi Malcesine

Wherever you want to go, we'll take you!

+39 349 230 8619

Why Choose

Taxi Seba Malcesine

In addition to the cab service, we offer transfer services to and from Lake Garda to the main airports, stations and ports. We have registered vehicles with regular authorization, insured and serviced regularly. We guarantee professionalism, courtesy, punctuality and discretion.

Day and Night


We are at your service 24 hours a day. Call + 39 349 230 8619 and we'll be right with you any time of any day...and night!

Up to 8 People


We can transport up to eight people. Notify us in advance of the number of passengers so that we don't have any problems transporting them later.

Cab at your House

We drive you all the way down to the house and wait until you're inside before leaving, providing you with all the peace of mind you deserve.



You can also travel outside of Malcesine, we will take you wherever you need to go: cities, airports, stations and ports.

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+39 349 230 8619

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If you want to check the availability of a cab, call the number +39 349 230 8619

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